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 Management Team

Carleton J.C. Hsia, PhD

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Carleton Hsia is a serial entrepreneur, inventor and former university professor. The companies he founded have included Hemosol Inc, SynZyme Technologies LLC and NanoBlood LLC. It was during his PhD work that he first started working with nitroxide compounds and he has remained interested in this class of compounds to this day. His PhD dissertation, under Dr. Lawrence Piette at the University of Hawaii, was on the use of nitroxide spin labels in the study of the ligand-binding behavior of immunoglobulin and its relationship to the immune response. Dr Hsia subsequently was Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Toronto School of Medicine and senior scientist at Toronto's Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine. Turning to entrepreneurial interests, Dr. Hsia co-founded and served as Vice President of Research and Development for Hemosol, a New York and Toronto publicly traded biotech company focused on developing a first generation blood substitute based on Dr. Hsia's inventions. Dr. Hsia subsequently founded SynZyme Technologies in 1992, NanoBlood in 2013 and AntiRadical Therapeutics in 2016, and has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of these companies. He is the recipient of numerous peer-reviewed NIH SBIR grants and Department of Defense awards. Dr. Hsia's inventions are patented worldwide. His most recent invention is caged nitric oxide nanotechnology and SanFlow (aka nanoRBC) for use as a superoxide and hemoglobin taming drug in a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases. These include orphan indications such as sickle cell disease, traumatic brain injury complicated by hypotension, treatment of stroke within and beyond the golden hour, as well as treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Contact Carleton at chsia[at]

Bohdan Soltys, MBA PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Bohdan Soltys began in industry as an R&D scientist at GE Healthcare and over the last 10 years has obtained a broad depth of experience in senior management of Life Science companies. As COO at AntiRadical Therapeutics and its affiliate NanoBlood LLC, Bohdan has oversight of business development, preclinical projects and external collaborations, clinical trial planning, operations and regulatory submissions in taking the company's product pipeline through clinical trials, investment rounds, and onto the market. He holds an MSc in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA in International Management from the University of London UK. Contact Bohdan at bohdan[at]

Dr. Li Ma. PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Li Ma's  research is in the interdisciplinary fields of physics, chemistry and biology. The main focus of her work is on the applications of free radicals and transition metals in medicine and medical physics. She has collaborated with many leading researchers across the country, including ones at the University of Pittsburgh, Ohio State University, and Johns Hopkins University. Her work has been  generously supported through multiple grants, particularly ones from the National Institutes of Health through the industry and university contracts. At Georgia Southern University, she maintains a state-of-the-art biophysics laboratory in the Department of Physics. This lab is fully equipped with large scale protein purification and characterization equipment as well as a new, highly sensitive, electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer.

Dr. Dong Wang, M.D

Vice President, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Affairs

Dr. Dong Wang is a China licensed and US certified physician. He  acquired his MD degree from  Sichuan University School of Medicine and finished his Surgical and Critical Care Medicine Residency Program in West China Hospital of Sichuan University, both in Chengdu, China.  After he graduated from his Residency Program in China, he was invited as  Visiting Research Fellow and Co-Investigator in Critical Care Medicine Department and Applied Physiological Lab of  National Institutes of Health. During his research period in NIH,  he has collaborated with many leading researchers in US, include Dr. Charles Natanson, Dr. Gladwin Mark, Dr. Klein G. Harvey, Dr. Kim-Shapiro Daniel and Dr. Schechter N. Alan etc. His research is mainly focusing on blood transfusion and blood storage, and was mainly published on top hematology journals like Blood and Transfusion. His publication titled as "Transfusion of older stored blood and risk of death: A meta-analysis" has been cited near 200 times worldwide since published in 2012, and was selected by F1000 as the top 2% biomedical literature of the year.

Dr. Jan Simoni, DVM, PhD

Vice President, Manufacturing Affairs

Dr. Chris Robinson, PhD

Vice President, Communication Affairs

Chris Robinson is a visual artist, professor of art, and member of the nanoCenter at the University of South Carolina. His interests and artwork focus on the development, role, and mediation of complex science and technology in contemporary culture and how it assists in and influences decision-making. Robinson has been a senior and co-principal investigator on United States National Science Foundation multidisciplinary teams investigating the broader impacts, societal implications, and role of development of nanotechnology.  Robinson works fluidly  across of the domains of art and science and he exhibits, writes, and presents at national and international venues and conferences in the arts and the sciences throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.